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Violet Flame Bottle


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Violet Flame
Protects your Aura and Transmutes Negativity

This is our most popular essence to date and literally flies off the shelves. How often have you started your day full of energy and then after shopping, meeting up with friends, a day at work etc. you feel drained and worn out. This is a sure sign that you have lost positive energy to others and picked up other peoples more negative energy.

This powerful essence transmutes negativity (changes negative energy into positive energy) and strengthens your aura to protect your energy system and prevent the 'draining' of energy.

We recommend that you spray this essence first thing in the morning to set you up for the day. Four 'squirts' should protect your energy field for up to 5 hours. The Violet Flame essence is empowered by Master Racoczy, an extremely powerful and revered Cosmic Master who works with the rainbow frequencies of light and teaches many Ascended Masters and Lightworkers.

£14.99 (plus P&P)
(For overseas postage please email or call Jeni)

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