pink quartz crystal
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Grounding Bottle


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Inner Confidence/Self Esteem | Passion | Positivity | Relax
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Keeps your feet firmly on the ground

This is an essence that should be in everyone's bag! If you feel lightheaded, not really 'here', have 'inspirational' thoughts but cannot put them into action and are not moving forward then this could be for you.

With the change in the earth's energy, this essence ensures that you have your feet on the ground.You can become ungrounded with any type of work that infiltrates your energy system - this includes having massages, energy treatments, reflexology, acupuncture etc. or even taking part in classes and workshops such as yoga, meditation, reiki shares, crystal workshops.

Many people meditate to gain inspiration and insight but cannot remember what has happened when they return! This is often because they are not grounded so cannot bring the new found information back down to earth to utilise. A couple of sprays of Grounding Essence prior to meditating will keep the grounding cord in place.

I always keep this to hand and use it religiously on my clients and myself at the end of any treatments - it is a ‘must have’ for any therapist and enables the client to completely ground themselves.

£14.99 (plus P&P)
(For overseas postage please email or call Jeni)

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