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Directions for Use

Some of our sprays have specific directions so please follow those on the label, however in general, spray the essence in the air above you and let the energetic mist float down over the entire body and aura. If appropriate, spray directly onto specific chakras. You should feel an immediate shift of energy as the essence penetrates your energy field.

These essences are for external use only. The sprays come in 50ml blue glass bottles with an atomiser and should be kept out of direct sunlight. Ideally store away from electromagnetic forces (eg. try not to store next to a microwave, computer etc.)

REMEMBER - Essences work with and adapt to your own energy system hence the resulting effect may not always be the same for everybody. They should not be used instead of properly qualified medical or health practitioner advice and are not a complete or exclusive system of healing for the emotions.

Always get an orthodox medical diagnosis, particularly to exclude unsuspected and undiagnosed illness and as part of your partnership with health practitioners on your journey of health.

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