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Treasure Agate Bottle


Treasure Agate

This is an extremely rare stone as to date it has only been found in one mine which has now unfortunately closed. This stone was brought to my attention by Judy Hall, Author of The Crystal Bible as she was concerned that such a wonderful ‘treasure’ would be lost and asked me to create this essence so that everyone can benefit from the energies of this stone.

Treasure Agate has many benefits and among many are:
  • Allows one to recognise inner strength and beauty.
  • Connects you to karmic threads that require releasing and facilitates that release for soul expansion.
  • Encourages you to speak out, strengthens your resolve and allows you a voice.
  • Instils perseverance to reach goals but also teaches us when to let go.
  • Clears energetic blocks in the lungs.
  • Releases deep seated trauma in the bones encouraging growth.
  • It takes you back to the beginning of All That Is and assists in exploring our galaxy and the divinity embodied within it.
  • An early warning system - highlights emotional and mental energies to be addressed before they take hold thus negating trauma (preventative).
  • Assists with EMF and Psychic Protection as contains Fullerenes.
Treasure Agate works particularly well with the Stellar Gateway, Heart, Throat and Sacral Chakras.

Location: Harquahala Mountains, Arizona, USA Agate. Contains metals in varying alloys in translucent silica eg Cuprite, Gold, Silver, Platinum and Manganese.

£14.99 (plus P&P)
(For overseas postage please email or call Jeni)

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