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Ancestral Spray Bottle



Ancestral Spray

Energetically clears ancestral patterns that are not for our highest good.

Works along all ancestral timelines releasing you from energetic patterns
that inhibit your current life, soul’s mission or life purpose.

Often we inherit programming and patterning that predisposes us to carry the same issues in life that our parents and ancestors held. Without being aware of it, we often end up repeating those patterns, many of them holding negative connotations. This essence breaks the ancestral vibrational link within which the cellular memories are passed through generations hence this clears the bloodline backwards and forwards eg. multiple timelines.

Please note that this will energetically clear ancestral patterns that are not required for experiences in this current lifetime – If you have requested them as an experience/lesson then they will remain.

Use this spray every day for 7 consecutive days. Before spraying envisage a circle of light around yourself. Spray 7 times (or more if intuitively guided) over your crown twice a day (ideally morning and night). Whilst spraying and as the essence penetrates your energy fields, say and intend the following:

“I freely allow this essence to penetrate my energy fields; to safely release any ancestral patterns that are not for my highest good."

£14.99 (plus P&P)
(For overseas postage please email or call Jeni)

Click here for general Directions of Use

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